Egyptian Trading

There is a society called the Egyptians, this society traded a lot and their economy would rise.This society has lots of economy meaning that they traded a lot and interacted with other countries.They would trade for needs, use, and to trade for something else.This method of trading would be common and they would trade like for money trading during the egyptian times trading would take place in money.These common goods traded are usually grain which is like the most expensive thing you can find and many other goods.The process of trading might take a long time and some arguments might occur.The people of other countries would come to trade in the morning and leave their goods that is from other countries. People might need these from other countries for example they need meat of a species of animal from this country so they can trade with people from other countries.The nile river was their most important resource of trading traveling by boats with heavy loads can be easier because if you need to carry heavy loads it is hard to travel on land by carrying it so they would usually trade heavy loads by boats.The most important thing and the one more precious than gold is grain this would be traded for huge amounts of goods and grain is used in place of wadges for servants, soliders and laborers. This is usually the most important resource they can depend on .This is how the egyptians traded for their economy to rise.

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