Education in Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt was a civilization that rose during the age of 2600-1500 B.C. During, the rise of Ancient Egypt, many new ides were born under the rise of this new civilization back then. Education in Ancient Egypt was different and similar to the many, civilizations born after Ancient Egypt. First, scholars in Ancient Egypt taught many subjects to the children. The basic subjects the scholar taught was math, reading, writing and sports. Next, boys and girls were taught at different ages and in different ways. Boys were taught at age 5 and girls were taught at age 6. The boys’ education was taught by their fathers before they started school, and girls by their mothers . Also, the status in Ancient Egypt put an impact in the children’s learning. For example, the poor families’ children went to a village school. The rice families’ children went to the same school the princes went which was called “prince school.” Not only did the Ancient Egypt have a success in growing and maintaining their civilization, they also have success in education.
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