The Happiness of Ancient Egyptians
Life as a Ancient Egyptian is not always happy nor sad. They had a different view of what’s fun and what’s not. Researching about the happiness of these people is challenging, but the topic is really interesting. For the peasants and slaves, their happiness depended on their point of view. If they liked serving the Pharaoh, it would be a treat to be able to work as servants, farmers, fishermen, and builders, but if they don’t, they would sometimes be forced to do these backbreaking jobs. Of course, there are other jobs that are more decent, such as priests, scribes, architects, artists, and soldiers. The women of Ancient Egypt also had their own level of happiness. We think they would be quite happy because they had as much rights as men. For example, husbands were expected to let wives do whatever they want. They even had the rights to report to court if their husbands treated them badly. Of course, lives of the Egyptians were not always about work, they had their own form of entertainment. For the rich, entertainers were hired and indoor games were treasured. For the average person, sports such as hunting, wrestling were one of their favorite sports. Children had their own games and toys also such as dolls. They also enjoy playing leap frog and tug of war. Occasionally, there would be a festival of gods. These holidays would last for days, filled with singing, dancing, eating, drinking and noise. As you can see, the Egyptians led decent lives, but that’s only what we think.

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Made and Researched by: Kaung Khant (Burmese), Lynn (American), Agostino (Italian)