Leadership in Ancient Egypt

The Pharaohs were the great rulers of the city, they were like God to the people of the city. They were great designers and built ancient pyramids and temples. The ancient city of Egypt was ruled by the Pharaohs for a long time but they eventually fell when Alexander the Great came. First there was a old kingdom and the Pharaohs built a good central state. They started building pyramids including the great Pyramid of Gisa. The kingdom fell when they struggled in their crops and the lost a lot of power after building the pyramids. Next there was a middle Kingdom which was the reastablishment of the city. The leaders ruled but the people were not happy. There were rebellions and corrupting and that cost the city to fall again. At last the city was recreated again but the ancient Egyptian kingdom ended in the late period. The kingdom was declined and was invaded by the Persians. That cost the city to be conquered by Alexander the Great in the Late Period. The god like Pharaohs has lost their powers and the city has fallen and had been conquered.

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