Medical Practices In Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egyptian Medicine refers to the performance, until the Persian Invasion in 525 B.C, of medicine that was general in Ancient Egypt. Medical Papyrus was discovered in the 20th century containing information about the ancient Egyptian medical practices. Ordinary Egyptians used magicians as well as physicians to help people’s health. Magicians and physicians usually worked together by using medicines and spells for troubles like snake bites. They believed that most illnesses were caused by wormlike creatures occupying the human body. For example, physicians would apply honey on the bite and magicians would cast spellsPapyrus_Medicine.jpg to ward of the worm-like creatures for snake bites. They had cures for many diseases. Some of their methods involved setting broken bones with wooden splints, they used honey and oil to garb wounds and they managed to perform surgery using things like forceps and knifes. Doctors in ancient Egypt thought that the heart controlled everything in the body but they didn’t know that the brain was important as well. Amulets were first made around 4000 B.C. and were essential adornments made out of gold and silver. The ancient Egyptians believed that amulets kept them from harm and protected them against illness and accidents and protected them during childbirth. The ancient Egyptians endured similar sicknesses that we do but did not have vaccination against contagious diseases like small pox. Ancient Egyptian medicine also influenced the way we practice medicine today.

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