Greek Trading

The ancient Greeks were fabulous traders. They also made many great products that were very popular. The Greeks were very famous for their trading throughout the world. People from many countries throughout the Mediterranean admired their fabulous productions. The Greek people used coins and soon they spread all around the country. Coins were invented in Lydia around 690 BC. With these coins, the buying and selling started to expand widely. Goods such as wine, olive oil, and pottery were very popular products. Luxury fabrics were also sold and bought wildly. Most trading was around the Mediterranean. The Greek also did trading using ships. Timber to make them came from Turkey and the Balkans. Salted fish were imported from the islands to the mainland. In markets, they used an abacus to calculate fast for their prices. Also, the light weight coins and the heavy goods were used weigh on a balance scale. Other tools were also used in trading. Trading was one of the most important thing that made the ancient Greeks famous.

How Would You Survive As An Ancient Greek?
Fiona Macdonald

Junnosuke (Japan), Tanach (Thailand), Jimmy (Korea)