Education in Ancient Greece

Underneath the growth, education gave many boys (and some girls) a chance to become greater in their life. Education gave Greece the prosperity and wealth that every society deserves.
Here are some points:
  • Private schools were established for young boys.
  • Books were rare and very expensive.
  • The girls at Greece were home schooled so they didn’t get good enough education as the boys had.
  • In Ancient Greece, there were two systems of education.
  • They were known as The Sparans and The Athenians
  • The Spartans and The Athenians had different opinions in how to education young children.
  • The Spartans had schools for girls and boys.
  • the Athenians had schools for boys only while the girls were taught at home.
  • Ancient Greece had good education to help their society prosper with good wealth.]]

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