The Happiness of the Ancient Greeks
The Classical Age of Ancient Greece was a time when art, drama, philosophy, poetry, and literature flourished. In spite of these great things, in was also a time of war and conquest. It is because of this that the happiness of the Ancient Greeks were hard to research, but as we found out more things it began to get fascinating. In this great age, democracy was achieved but the two countries called Sparta and Athens had different perspectives of what democracy means. A Spartan women could own properties, but in Athens, women were not that free. Also, in Sparta, families would have to serve the state, whereas in Athens, they had to serve their own family. As you can see, their level of happiness would depend on their opinion. Of course, democracy was not the only big event in Ancient Greek. War broke out occasionally as people fought for total control of Greece. Alliances were made, then broken, when at last, the Peloponnesian War started. Sadly, many people died of a plague at the start, and even though the war ended, they became part of the empire of Alexander the Great later on.We think they would have been miserable then because who could have been happy during a war?. As you already know, drama and comedy were among the great arts that flourished. The Ancient Greeks made plays that was full of tragedy and drama, which they would perform during the festival of Dionysus. Comedy plays were filled with insults and political criticism. Most of them were written by Aristophanes. Watching other people perform certainly make us happy, and we think that it would work for them too. In the Classical Age of Ancient Greek, the happiness level must have be going off the charts both negative and positive!


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Made and Reasearched by: Kaung Khant (Burmese), Agostino (Italian), Lynn (American)