Leadership of Ancient Greece

The first cities of Greece were ruled by the harsh Kings also known as Basileus. The Kings were mostly mean and harsh on the people. The way of leadership changed in Ancient Greece from forceful and fearful leadership to democracy. First cities of Greece were ruled by Kings. The Kings were hated by the people so much. The Kings were replaced by the Digarchies when they were disliked so much. The Digarchies were a government of few rich people and they led the city. They were not as harsh as the Kings so the people liked them. Unfortunately the Digarchies were overthrown by the Tyrants. Then the Tyrants would hold onto a city with their force and fearfulness. They were very harsh people and most of the people would be slaves. They would be the leaders of the cities for several years but people started to prefer Digarchies more than the Tyrants. At last Democracy was born in the powerful city of Athen. The government was based on the people’s rules and gave every male citizen to vote or elect an official to run the city. But Democracy didn’t allow the women and the slaves to vote for the officials. A new type of government was born and it would lead to happiness to the people of Greece.



Books: Life In Ancient Greece, Ancient Greece

Jack (Taiwanese) Khol (Australlian) Kyle (American)