Greek Medicine
Where do you think today’s medical care come from? One of the first places it came from was ancient Greece, Greece had a very famous physician who is even considered to be the father of medicine, he helped the Greeks to advance in medicine. During the 460-377 B.C. of the Greek Classical Age, the Greek had fairly advanced medical care. The Greeks were one of the first people who rGreek_pic.jpgealized that medicine had nothing to do with religion. They realized that when people got sick or had disease, they weren't being punished by the gods, their bodies just caught a disease. Before their realization, they used to sleep overnight at temples and they that the vision or dream of god would cure them. Greeks even performed surgeries, they didn't perform many, but they performed some. However most surgery patients died because they were shocked, or they caught infection. Also, if the surgery was successful it would be really pain because then, they didn’t use any anesthetics. The Greeks also had several herbs they would use for all kinds of medical needs. They were: Eyebright, which was soaked in hot water and made into eyewash, Hyssop, used for coughs and other chest infections, Mullein, which is an ancient treatment for cough (still used these days), Motherwort was said to ease the pain of heart disease or childbirth and Smooth Soe Thistle helped with stomach aches or scorpion bites. It’s amazing how Greeks figure out which medicine cure which type of sickness. So, now is it proved that Greeks had modern medical care?

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